Disgusting! This 50-Year-Old Father Arranged A Meet With A 13-Year-Old Girl.


Disgusting! This 50-Year-Old Father Arranged A Meet With A 13-Year-Old Girl.

Teaching your kids about internet safety and the dangers of talking to people that they do not know is absolutely essentials.
Luckily, there are groups out there as well who help protect young people and catch predators before they do anything at all.


One such group is Dark Justice, who recently helped put a 50-year-old man away when he thought he was meeting up with an underage girl.22

Mark Thornton, 50, from Darlington, chatted to underage girls across two different profiles set up by group, Dark Justice.
The group create decoy accounts to track down men who are seeking sexual activity with underage girls.33

Among the sick messages sent by Thornton were requests for risque pictures and he also asked one girl if she was ‘excited’ about losing her virginity with him.
He admitted two charges of attempting to incite a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity, one charge of attempting to meet a child under 16 and one charge of attempting to meet a child under the age of 16 for the purpose of sexual activity, at Teeside Crown Court.44

During the trial, prosecutor Paul Abrahams said that Thornton began chatting to a social media profile with the name Jessie Amy Thompson in July of this year and soon turned the conversation sexual.
Mr Abrahams said: ‘She said she was 13-years-of-age. That was made quite clear in the conversation.
‘He used what we would call in global terms, grooming. He was asking her to commit penetrative sexual acts.’111

Thornton used explicit language and asked her to meet up but no such meeting materialised.
Later the same month, Thornton struck up a conversation with a profile under the name ToonLass13 on the social media site Kik and was again told her age.

Mr Abrahams added: ‘She indicated immediately that she was 13 and called Amy.
‘He told her he had previously had with a 15-year-old but she would have been the youngest.
‘He exchanged pictures of his and asked for pictures of her but she said she had none.’
‘Thornton then asked: ‘Are you looking forward to losing your virginity babe?’222

The following day, Thornton arrived at an Asda car park in Darlington to meet the girl and was caught on camera by Dark Justice.
He was later arrested by police.
Christopher Baker, defending, said: ‘This defendant has failed to give a true explanation to why he went about this.
‘But the reality is that these offences occurred when things in his life were going badly with his partner and his 26-year-old son who has various difficulties.
‘That is some explanation for this kind of behaviour.

‘But he accepts that people do this sort of thing because they have a sexual interest in children.
‘He has lost his partner, the majority of his friends and his good name.

‘Although this defendant was oblivious to this, there was no actual risk of harm to any child.’
Thornton was visibly shaken in the dock as Recorder Richard Wright QC handed him a prison sentence and told him his behaviour was ‘deeply concerning’.

Mr Recorder Wright told Thornton: ‘It is clear to me that you have little to no insight into your offending so you pose a risk to children.
‘You have a sexual interest in children and this is deeply concerning666.

‘In fact no children were exposed to your behaviour but you did not know that so I am sentencing you essentially on what was in your mind and what you would have done had you been able to get your hands on a child.
‘You chose to offend in this way. Losing your partner, friends and family is entirely your own fault.’
Mark has now been sentenced to two years in prison and ten years on the offenders register. Thankfully, Dark Justice caught him before he could prey on a real underage girl


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