These Attention Seekers Tried Their Best To Steal The Show


These Attention Seekers Tried Their Best To Steal The Show


#1 When you are over-popular on Facebook!
I guess this must be the ‘official statement’ for every such guy who has thousands of Facebook followers. Just have a look closer at how many pending requests he has to approve. Bravo man!


#2 Oh wait.. what did just happen??
When you terribly want to be in everyone’s eyes, something like this happens. Asia cuts in half!


#3 When you want to tell everyone about your presence
Just look at the dog. How adorable the dog is walking around on the train so that it makes a visit to each passenger!


#4 When ‘taking a nap’ is officially announced!
The girl is for sure self-obsessed you see.. Have a good sleep lady!


#5 And this was something over the heights!
Wait..Did she just mention that she is ‘Bisexual’ on Television?? I pity this girl!


#6 Poor Guy.
I truly wish his mom would have given him enough attention when he was a kid. At least he won’t have asked so desperately for it from the people.


#7 I feel sad for this girl who posted this amazing picture.
Friends will always be friends.


#8 Total attention seekers


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