Heroes Climb Into Massive Sinkhole And Salvage What Was Swallowed Whole


A typical Sunday in San Antonio turned to tragedy when the ground opened up and swallowed two cars whole.

The incident, which happened mid-afternoon, was likely influenced by a rupture in a sewage line, according to My San Antonio.

There was one victim of the incident, Dora Linda (Solis) Nishihara, a part-time BCSO deputy, whose car was submerged in 12 feet of water, officials said. Nishihara was not the only unfortunate soul to get sucked into the sinkhole. A man drove his car into the chasm but was fortunately rescued by a man and woman who hoisted him out before authorities arrived on the scene.

Monday afternoon, those authorities worked to haul the two cars out of the gash in the Earth. The efforts were successful, which the fire chief called a “body recovery” rather than an actual rescue attempt. The incident was additionally called a “terrible tragedy” and all involved are grieving the loss of a community member.

Take a look at the shocking video below. It’s devastating what kind of tragedy can be caused by something as simple as erosion.

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