Ashley James confesses she used to be ‘ashamed of her big boobs’: ‘I’d have panic attacks’


ASHLEY JAMES may appear confident on camera, but the DJ has now opened up about her curvy figure, with her admitting that growing up with big boobs used to make her feel incredibly self-conscious.

The 30-year-old – who regularly urges her 88,000 Instagram followers to be confident in their own skin – opened up about hitting puberty at an early age, with her admitting that she’s been “sexualised” since she was just 14-years-old.

Ashley – who has spoken openly about her body dysmorphia – went on to say that she used to struggle with her appearance so much that she would have panic attacks before attending events.

Speaking exclusively to, Ashley explained: “I wear size eight clothes so I know I’m smaller than average, but the way in which I see myself is like ‘oh my god, I’m too fat for this’.

“I think a lot of it comes from the fact that I was brought up as a teenager to be shamed of having boobs and curves because obviously people sexualised me before I did.”

Ashley regularly shows off her incredible figure on Instagram

“I put myself under so much pressure, I used to have panic attacks before going to events. I’d be like ‘do I look fat?’ Now I work with a stylist and I feel like that has changed my life,” she added.

Ashley continued to say that she still gets a lot of “misogynistic” comments online, but that she praises the likes of Emily Ratajkowski and Ashley Graham for constantly sharing snaps of their incredible figures via social media.

The former Made in Chelsea star admitted: ”A lot of comments I get are misogynistic. I can wear a pink dress that covers my entire body and there will be men saying ‘nice t*ts’.”

“I grew up as a teenager with big boobs from a really young age, I think I was like a D cup at 14. I wasn’t sexual, but I was sexualised…for example, teachers wouldn’t let me wear certain clothes. Not just teachers, but with older guys all of my life,” the star shared.

Ashley went on: “For me, if I want to wear a bikini and I feel good in that bikini and I want to put [a photo] up, I shouldn’t have to be sexualised.

“Women need to be kinder to each other, because you’re either frumpy or a s**t, but it’s our body and it’s our choice and we shouldn’t live by patriarchal values that say that we’re sexual. There shouldn’t be shame in sexuality.”


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