Driver Survives In A Miraculous Incident After Getting Impaled By A Huge Steel Pole After Crashing Into A Fence In China!


A Chinese man whose name has been kept a secret miraculously survived a car crash after being impaled in the chest by a huge steel pole after crashing into a metal fence in Nanjing in eastern China. The pole snapped into two and show through the windscreen and into his chest.

Firefighters arrived at the crash site at the Jiangbei university campus and spent an hour shortening the 13 feet long pole so that the passenger could be cut free. The man, who remained conscious throughout the rescue procedure, was then rushed to the local hospital.

Surgeons successfully managed to remove the metal pole, which had a diameter of 2.3 inches. The patient is now in a stable condition. Doctors at the Jiangsu People’s Hospital said the pole had missed the man’s heart by half an inch.

A spokesman added that the patient had suffered multiple fractures to his ribs. A member of the rescue team said: ‘As the metal pipe had entered close to the passenger’s heart area, if we were not careful the vibrations from the cutting could increase the size of the wound or even injure his heart.’

A source said the driver was the man’s nephew, who had only recently got his driver’s licence. The driver told police officers he had lost control after failing to slow down at a speed bump. The accident is still under investigation by police.


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