A Rhino Runs And Attacks A Car And Then…


Often when we are on a trip to some place, there is a possibility that we see monkeys, snakes and even foxes crossing our ways. These animals or reptiles not only flock in the secluded places like highways or uphill roads, they can even be seen in the populated areas. But if I was to tell you that a Rhino can also come along the way of your journey or can come near your residential area, you would probably think I am joking with you.

Well, this is what most of us will think however recently a Rhino ran in and smashed into a tourist car. Scroll over and read on :

A rhino spotted a car on the road from a far end.

It slowly went over to the road, and looked over at the tourist car.

And then suddenly charged its head over to car aggressively.

HE smashed the car as the tourist inside the car felt the tremor created by it.

Rhino crashed its horns into speeding car causing it to jerk and then stepped back to show its dominance on the situation.

Thankfully no one was injured, but yes the people inside car were all shaken up

Watch the video here to see them in action

A Rhino Runs And Attacks A Car And Then…

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