After Host Adrienne Apologizes To “Power’s” Naturi, Their Ex-Manager Goes Off


Former 3LW singers-turned-TV host-and-actress (respectively), Adrienne Bailon and Naturi Naughton, prove that they are grown women capable of forgiveness. Bailon brought Naughton on The Real to apologize to her over their long-standing girl group beef. However, not everyone is feelin’ Bailon’s ‘Kum-bah-yah’ efforts to bury the hatchet. Their former manager is pissed the hell off. See why below…

Adrienne Bailon and Naturi Naughton make amends on The Real
Time Heals All Wounds:
On a new episode of The Real, co-host, Adrienne Bailon, displayed that she not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk. After blasting Oscar-Award winner, Mo’Nique, for how she chose to handle her beefs with Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah Winfrey, Bailon decided to show Mo’Nique how she thinks a woman should handle it. Bailon invited her former group member/Power actress, Naturi Naughton, onto the show to apologize to her publicly.

In the past, Naturi has publicly stated that after her 3LW group members (Bailon included) unfairly kicked her to the curb, she felt that their manager blackballed her in the industry- the same thing Bailon slammed Mo’Nique for publicly revealing in a “loud and boisterous” manner.

Naturi, Loni Love, and Adrienne Bailon on “The Real”
So with Loni Love seated in the middle of their Real conversation, a very pregnant Naughton sat down on the couch to hear what Bailon had to say. Here’s how the apology went:

“It’s crazy because when I look at you I think about my teen years,” Bailon began, speaking to Naughton. “We literally grew up together in bunk beds in New Jersey and I thank God for the time that I got to actually talk to you. We had seen each other at an Us Weekly party, years ago, and we sat down and talked everything out, and I was able to apologize to you if I ever — you know — there was a lot that went on in that time that looking back was just like, we were so young and it was crazy, and that I genuinely from the bottom of my heart never meant any harm to you, and I think you’re talented and you’re beautiful.”

Although Adrienne Bailon tap danced all around the cruel details Naturi said was done to her by Bailon and the others, her apology seemed genuine and Naturi seemed to receive it. In agreement with one another, both ladies admitted that they were “young and scared.” Naturi shared that when she was in 3LW, it was a very difficult time for her and that she didn’t think she would make it. In addition, she also mentioned the criticism that she received and that it’s important for women to love each other. Not going into great detail, Naturi implied that management caused problems for the girls.

What Really Happened? Skin Tone Bashing & Fights

3LW (Photo by Steve Grayson/WireImage)
Over the years, it was rumored that Bailon was allegedly incredibly rude to Naughton and was even responsible for getting the actress fired from the group. Naturi has also said in the past, that she believed colorism played a role in the way she was treated, admitting that they oftentimes made her feel as if she “wasn’t good enough” because of her beautiful darker skin tone. The group consisted of Naturi, Adrienne, and Kiely Williams. Michelle Williams- Kiely Williams mother- managed the ladies. At one point, the tension became so bad, that during an argument with Michelle, Kiely threw food on Naturi and destroyed her hair, along with her clothes.

“There was an argument between me and Michelle [Williams], and Kiely and Adrienne are cursing me out, and before I know it, Kiely throws her plate of food all in my face — mashed potatoes, macaroni all in my hair, down my clothes, messing up my [hair]do! Nobody has the right to hit me. That’s not what I’m here for, … to be physically abused. So I said, ‘Get me a flight back to Newark, New Jersey,’ and they wouldn’t even help me get a ticket,” Naughton shared with MTV News back in 2002 when the group split.

Ex- Manager Slams Naturi & Adrienne For Speaking Their Truths
Now their former 3LW manager, Michelle Williams, whose Twitter name is TSE Williams, had a lot to say about Bailon’s apology. Williams is very active on Twitter and she questioned why Bailon felt the need to apologize at all. In addition, she commented about the alleged criticism of Naturi’s skin color.

Ouch! I’m guessing that she will not be on The Real any time soon.

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