Yoga Pants Don’t Leave Much To The Imaginationn.


Yoga pants were originally made for yoga, but that’s no longer the sole purpose they’re worn for. Women have grown to love them and now wear them everywhere.

Yes, the pants can be pretty revealing of a woman’s lower figure. But as you can see, many women are unbothered by it. So why have yoga pants become so popular? For starters, they’re super comfortable to wear. After all, they were originally created for yoga — a piece of clothing that’s super flexible for all the yoga poses. However, yoga pants are about much more than just comfort these days.

#1. Go-To Pants

You can call them yoga pants or leggings, they’re the same thing. And they’re single-handedly becoming the go-to pants for women.

#2. At Least One Pair

There’s no denying it, you see them everywhere now. There’s no denying that every girl owns at least one pair in her closet.

#3. Real Pants

You can think of it like a push-up bra, but for the behind. A lot of people will say that leggings or yoga pants are not real pants, but many women disagree.

#4. But Why

But what is it about yoga pants that women love so much? Well, there’s more than one answer. Yes, sometimes they can reveal too much. But not all yoga pants are see thru.

#5. Fat Days

Even on the days women feel their fattest, these pants will make them feel comfortable and skinny.

#6. Junk In The Trunk

They make everyone’s behind look a little more plumper than they are. Who cares if it’s real or an illusion, it looks good!

#7. Versatile Clothing Item

You can wear them with practically any outfit. You can pair them with heels for a night out or with sneakers for a comfortable hangout.

#8. Travel Outfit

They’re great to travel in, as they’re super comfortable to wear. Traveling itself can be exhausting, might as well do it in the most comfortable of clothes as possible.

#9. From Gym To Happy Hour

You can wear these pants to workout in and immediately out afterwards without having to change. Just throw on a sweater and you’re ready!

#10. Brunch Pants

They’re great pants to wear to brunch. You can eat and drink as much as you want (pancakes and mimosas) and don’t have to worry about needing to unbutton any pants.

#11. Closet Space

They give you more closet space since they literally take up no room. This way, it allows us women to fill our closets with other things like more shoes.

#12. Cost Efficient

Although there are some expensive ones, anyone can get them at an affordable price. Or you can spend a great amount on an expensive high quality one and they’ll last longer

#13. Food Galore

You can eat as much as you want and not have to worry about feeling like you can’t breathe. No muffin top here.

#14. Look Athletic

Even if you haven’t worked out in months, slipping a pair of these on will make you look athletic.

#15. Workout Pants

Just because you’re wearing “workout pants,” everyone else will assume that you’re in shape. Even if you just downed an overload of carbs.

#16. Lazy Winning

If you wear the same pair every day, it won’t matter because no one will notice. This is what us lazy girls call a win.

#17. Under Boots

If you want to wear boots for the day, you don’t have to deal with wrestling a pair of denim into them. These pants fit perfectly underneath them!

#18. Drunk Pajamas

If you just so happen to go out and drink in them and come home to immediately pass out before you can change out of your clothes, it’s ok. Because they’re comfortable to sleep in!

#19. Multifunctional And Versatile

Let’s face it, they’re multifunctional. You can wear them in any weather during any season!

#20. New Sweatpants

They’re basically the socially acceptable version of sweatpants. They’re just as comfortable but more presentable.

#21. Shirt Or Dress Problem

Don’t know if the top you’re wearing is a shirt or a dress? Just throw on a pair of leggings and you’re good to go. These pants literally eliminate the problem.

#22. Belly Coverage

Are you trying to hide a food baby or some recent bloating? Slip into a pair of high-waisted leggings and ta-da, you’ll be amazed.

#24. Pants Or Not

People love to debate about whether or not they’re pants but if they cover your behind and legs and you can comfortably wear them out in public — they’re pants.

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