5 Reasons Why You Are Smart and Hardworking But Not Successful


Here are 5 reasons why you might not be finding success even if you’re smart and hardworking:

1. You don’t deal with new people.

It’s easy to stick to people you’ve known for ages and work in your comfort zone. You know each other’s mentality and work for the best results. The problem with your existing circle, though, is that the same ideas keep recycling over and over again, and you don’t get to learn any new perspectives outside of your bubble, which is stopping to reach new heights of success.

2. You fear change.

Being in the same environment for a long time has stuffed you deep in your comfort zone and it makes it hard to adapt to something new. The good news with change is that it presents a chance for opportunities and innovation and you are always thrilled, what’s in store for you next.

3. You don’t willingly take risks.

Smart people often choose the safe route, which is not a bad thing, but how would you expose yourself to true success without exposing yourself to game changing risks. They might follow the same path as their peers or choose a career because it’s considered acceptable by their peers. I hear so often from smart people that they find their jobs unfulfilling and that they want to do something else, but do they ever do anything to change that state of life, I don’t remember too many instances.

4. You constantly go after whatever’s exciting at the moment.

One thing I hear often from high achievers is that they hate wasting time. Smart people are all too aware of the value of their time, as time and effort spent on one thing means that they could potentially be missing out on something else. While this is a strong attribute, it also means chasing the next big thing and not following through. Starting out in any field or endeavor is tough, and getting through the initial obstacles requires patience.

5. You don’t believe in yourself.

Surprisingly, smart people can underestimate their own abilities. They are their own worst critic, causing them to believe that they can’t accomplish as much as they can. Smart people have high standards when it comes to their work. Whenever they work on a project, they tend to scrutinize and second-guess the final product.

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