Top Universities With The Hottest Girls and College Degree Courses


It’s a tough job market out there these days. It’s not as bad as it was, say, six or seven years ago. But, having a degree can certainly improve your chances in landing that dream job. While we all love college sports, we thought we’d take a look at that other thing major universities do: education. And, since we’re enlightened and all that, we thought we’d rank them by the sexiness of their female students. This was clearly done in a scientific manner.

University of Wisconsin

On, Wisconsin! Gotta love the Badgers. UW also has an amazing School of Engineering that’s respected the world over.

San Diego State University

San Diego is a beautiful city for so many reasons. The third-oldest college in California, getting a scholarship to this great school yields a ton of great benefits.

University of Oregon

QUACK! Fielding one of the best college football teams in the country, the University of Oregon is also acclaimed for it’s fine architecture school.

University of Arkansas

Counting President Bill Clinton as a fan (he didn’t attend but it’s the biggest college in his home state with six campuses), the University of Arkansas is known for both its athletics and its academics.

Stanford University

This college is pretty awesome considering its mascot is a tree.

University of Alabama

Roll Tide! A legendary college when it comes to athletics, it’s also a standout school in regards to doctoral programs in anthropology, library and information studies, metallurgical engineering, music, Romance languages, and social work.

University of South Carolina

The “other” USC, the University of South Carolina also is known for having the largest collection of works by Ernest Hemmingway in the world. That’s reason enough to apply for a scholarship.

Louisiana State University

Everybody knows that the mascot to Louisiana State University is the Tiger. Did you know that the first name of that mascot is “Mike”. Yep. Mike the Tiger. Mike probably also has a law degree, too.


Fun fact: fifteen Nobel laureates have either been faculty or alumni at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Virginia Tech University

Virginia Tech was the scene of a terrible shooting spree in 2007. It’s also, more importantly, the college that gave us military heroes like James Van Pelt, Jr. and Earle Gregory – not to mention US space program heroes like Homer Hickam and Chris Kraft.

University of Oklahoma

Boomer Sooner! The winner of seven NCAA national football titles, this fine university also has one of the nation’s museum collections of Native American artwork.

University of Nebraska

If you find yourself getting a scholarship and attending the University of Nebraska, you’ll also find yourself in the company of great alumni like Johnny Carson, Warren Buffett and Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

Ohio State University

O-H! I-O! THE Ohio State University is located in the capital city of Ohio, Columbus.

Texas A&M

This university located in College Station, TX is where Johnny Manziel got his start. But we won’t hold that against them.

Florida State University

FSU is widely known for its degree programs in law, engineering, business, football and hot chicks.

Arizona State University

Arizona is hot. Arizona State University ladies are hot. Enough said.


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