Top 10 Countries With the Hottests Soccer Fans


For any lover of ladies, male or female, this list offers up something for everyone to enjoy.
Well, it’s pretty much an impossible task to rank the football ladies from these countries, everyone can consider themselves a winner with just a few quick glances to the stands when these international sides play.
Here are the Top 10 countries with the sexiest international soccer fans.
10. Mexico




That’s right, Mexico offers more than just food that is hot… Remember when we said that this isn’t an area devoid of terrible puns?
Americans may claim superiority over Mexico on the field in recent times, though they’re losing the all-time series, but the contest isn’t even close when you pit the soccer fans against each other.
Maybe that’s part of the reason why soccer isn’t as popular as most sports in the United States as compared to Mexico.
9. Chile


On the pitch, Chile offers just about everything fans hate about football – come on, Gonzalo Jara just got punished for attempting to slip a finger up Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani’s backside.
Regardless of this weird accusation, Chilean football is on the rise, as they have established stars like Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal who can take over on the field.
Off it, the country shows off everything people love about South American female fans. Rowdy, exotic and truly stunning, the Chilean ladies are a regular fan favorite.
8. Belgium


As if the red, yellow and black of Belgium wasn’t enough to capture your eye, the Belgium ladies are simply breathtaking.
Always colorful and vibrant, they are some of the most exuberant fans in the world and are always full of smiles, especially in recent times when Belgium’s national team has experienced a great deal of success, boosting the country to second in the FIFA rankings.
Belgium has been incredible during European qualifies and made it to the Quarterfinals of the most recent FIFA World Cup.

7. Sweden



What kind of list would this be without a fan favorite? It’s easy for Swedes to stand out from the crowd with the sea of predominantly blonde hair always prominent during Sweden international matches.
The country’s top man on the pitch, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is always the main attraction – if you’re not following Zlatan on Twitter then you’re missing out – but the beauty on display in the stands is a nice little sideshow from the sport at hand.
6. Germany


With Germany claiming the title of the best football country in the world on the back of its 2014 World Cup victory, the female sideline support does well to keep up with the on-field achievements.
Notoriously known for their somewhat risque clothing choices, the German ladies are also some of the most vocal in all of football and can you blame them? They’re fans of one of the great nations in football history and are the reigning World Champs.

5. Paraguay


When you’ve got Larissa Riquelme frequently in the stands at your matches, you could be trounced 5-0 every time out and still walk out winners.
As a result, you’re always guaranteed at least 17 shots of her on camera when she is in attendance.
Larissa alone may stand out from the crowd but she is just one of the many stunning women from Paraguay that make you want to scream at the TV for taking the camera off the fans.
They’re currently ranked 85th in in the FIFA World Rankings, but their fans are much higher on this list.
4. Argentina


Yeah, yeah, I suppose Lionel Messi isn’t that bad of a crowd drawer for Argentina, but on the very rare occasions he isn’t firing, you are always guaranteed a good show elsewhere in the stadium.
As fun as it is to watch arguably the best player in the world, it’s not as fun as taking in the exotic features of the Argentinian women, who are always very vocal and flamboyant.

3. Spain


Ask yourself something: do you really need an explanation? The typically brunette bombshells are enough to knock any guy off their feet, but when you add in the long list of, erm, public misplacement of clothing incidents at Spain international football matches, it’s enough to make you attempt to gain Spanish citizenship.
But we’re here for the sport, right? These beauties have had plenty to cheer for in recent memory, as they’ve been racking up plenty of trophies despite their collapse at the 2014 World Cup,
2. Colombia


Full cheeks? Bright smiles? Dark hair? Curvy figures? Say no more. Colombia is often hit and miss on the international stage but a guaranteed winner comes from the stands.
The loud and vibrant ladies of Colombia are the main attraction of any Colombia match; if only all their games could feature a pitch invasion, things would much more enjoyable on the pitch as far as entertainment goes.

1. Brazil


In times of great difficulty, you always fall back to what you know and what makes you comfortable. When looking for a lovely view beyond the pitch, Brazilians never fail to produce.
Ask any heterosexual male you know about the top five female nationalities they dig and you’d be hard pressed to find a single one that doesn’t include Brazilian.
To put it into perspective, Brazilian female football fans are as sexy as Brazilian male football players’ hairstyles are stupid.

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