Women Rejects Guy On Tinder And Then Goes Crazy After He Agrees That There Is No Romance There!


Tinder gets you dates at times and and doesn’t but what’s worse is when you match with someone and go on a date but then the girl goes all crazy on you. This happened to guy who shared his story on imgur when the girl he matched with said she wanted to be friends with him but when he agreed she went completely crazy on him and started insulting him.

As you can see by Imgur user mwasbabu16’s screenshots, letting his match know that he also felt their meeting had create no spark opened a whole can of dating-app worms.

“Seriously!?,” the girl asks. “I know rejection stings but you don’t have to get salty and attempt to throw it back in my face! Wow… lol I feel sorry for you. I really do.”

Let’s just say she did not like his chill, honest response. Part of me thinks she would have preferred if he freaked out and lost his cool after she rejected him.

Apparently, she was perfectly fine rejecting him, but when he said he “felt the same way,” she couldn’t accept it. After calling out his balding problem, the man stooped down to her level and criticized her weight, something he said “nothing about” until now.Regardless, this is just one more Tinder “couple” who will never make it to the promised land of eternal love.

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