AbnormalS Beauty Girl Will Make Even The Devil Sweat


There’s nothing perfect in this world. Everything has flaws and defects. Even diamonds. Much less humans. Then why on earth there are standards of human beauty? Perfection is stagnation. It would bore even God to death. Since God is already dead there’s an equally mighty force in this10 universe that can’t stand boredom. It’s called evolution. It makes sure that nature is imperfectly perfect. For this reason, being natural means being imperfect. Also, being natural definitely means being sexy. Perfection is an ideal, an object of desire. Here’s a girl with curves and different-colored eyes who proves that ‘flawed’ is more desirable than ‘spotless’.

Eye-catching. This is the word that describes 20-year-old model and Instagram star Sarah McDaniel in the best way possible.

A genetic anomaly that results in differently colored irises – in Sarah’s case, yellow-brown and blue – turned out to be a genetic jackpot that helps the beauty stand out from the crowd. A feature that any aspiring model would die for.

Honestly speaking, it is not just her eyes that a legion of fans are going crazy over, and you’re probably staring at right now as well. This hypnotizing angel would stand a good chance to be introduced into a hypothetical Cleavage Hall of Fame.

Her full-figured body with healthy curves redefines ‘divine’, and her super plump pout adds a wee bit of playfulness to her look.

The out-of-this-world dollface has just started making waves on the Internet. No doubt they will cause a tsunami very soon!

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