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A hunter’s glory would lie primarily in the thrill of the chase and not necessarily in the capture. Race car drivers of the highest of specs in terms of the motor industry has tried and tested the world’s finest in automobiles, however being privileged to be behind the steering wheel of one the world’s best police cars grants a police officer has the license to speed which would mean dooms day for the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ felon that wants to show off his daddy’s money in the form of his attention grabbing sports car.

There are a list of thousands of vehicles that have been tweaked for speed, riveting performance and exhilarating power that’s built and tested to be taken to extremes. Due to the increasing number of millionaires and their treasured toys, this was definitely a wake up call for the police forces to step their game up and to put a counter measure leverage system into place by upgrading their state vehicles so that they aren’t easily intimidated or outrun by the reckless speedsters on the move. We are to take a look at 10 of the best Police Cars in the world in adaptation of their specifications, features, abilities, speed, performance, power as well as the vast range of some of the golden jewels of the world of supercars!

10. Canada – Jaguar S Type


Jaguar is a generally underestimated car and is mis-perceived by many around the world as being a more luxurious type of car, fit for the average day to day businessmen. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) found a great deal of potential in the Jaguar S as it’s another species of Jaguar on its own come to think about it, due to boasting that 3.0 Liter fuel injected V6 under the hood which spells an exceptional amount of power which cab push around 238 Horse Power and will sure come in handy when dealing with those petty usual day to day pull overs. Luckily for Canada though, car chases of extreme kinds happen very seldom. This is among the best police cars and is somewhat ideal in this case as nobody would want to smash a beautifully crafted Lamborghini police car and loose its stallion shape to a regular day to day bumper car accident so a Jaguar would be fit take the repairable damage in most cases. Jaguar sure does live up to its name as the wild cat badge mounted on the bonnet wood suggest as this is definitely a car that’s built for the chase.

9. Japan- Nissan Skyline GTR


Good ol’ Japan can be give an award for their ability to swiftly develop and adapt to ever-changing times and situations and we can gladly take out hats off for the National Japanese Law Enforcement for several reasons, however the main one here it to put Japan on the map for being on the list in their upgrade to having one of ten in the best police cars in the world.

We immediately see a lot of scope when it comes to a masculine defining car such as the Nissan skyline which is commonly known for its racing abilities as made famous in “The Fast And Furious” Movie as well. With regards to Japanese Police fancying a turbo charged Skyline as the name suggests makes one feel on air with that amount of jet speed and its really no surprise to the world that The National Police Force of Japan would sport a Nissan GTR to their police car collection as the Nissan Franchise has been born, bred and branded in the country itself which is absolutely no doubt a remarkable thing to admire the Japanese for. Literally driving in their heritage isn’t something most of the world has been allowed to do.

8. Italian National Polizia Vehicles

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Yes…You’ve guessed it! Italy is known for their Italian Stallions and you can be sure that they no doubt also have a ‘Va Va Voom!’ Of a car ready to chase after you at all costs and with a high possibility of actually apprehending you if you’re a Mafia Boss on the run in Italia or just a two bit speedster trying to drift on the curvy roads of Venice. Well Pal, Good luck in achieving that without being pursued by the Italian Police Forces’ Home grown and manufactured Lamborghini LP560 that literally spells high velocity and horse power simply by its appearance and this is besides the actual performance and speed of the car. Lord have mercy if this slim and sleek sports Italian Spec car is on your tail as the chances of you evading them are one to none.

The Lamborghini LP560 has been given as prized jewels by the company as gifts to the Italian Police Force, at which one of the two, has unfortunately totaled and ‘written off’ due to reckless driving on equally both the civilian and police officers side ,however luckily one is all it takes to do the job. Consider this one that’s still on the road as “The Avenger”. After all, if a Country like South Africa can have a Lamborghini in their Police Force, it would be rather ironical if Italy didn’t, seeing that the birth of Lamborghini is carved on the Italian streets.

7. South Africa – Lamborghini Gallardo


Amongst all the countries of the world, South Africa is one of the most under developed and quite frankly by the looks of it and the rate of their development being so slow in terms of modernization, it will surely take another twenty years or so in order to develop to round about the same level as the known ‘First world’ countries are currently. This however is just a mere prediction based on the fact that South Africa has been rendered as a ‘Third world’ country for decades now.

Besides the rich heritage ,exotic tourist attractions, African Culture ,spirit and atmosphere that even First world countries would retreat to Africa for ,the development of the SAPS (South African Police Services) haven’t shown much in their efforts to upgrade their services and government issued weaponry ,vehicles and training as well. What we can expect from the SAPS is more of a joke in terms of their law enforcement record, simply due to the very few corrupt officials that has given the entire countries force a bad name.

Nevertheless in more recent times, the one great thing we can give them credit for is their rather ironical purchase of a Lamborghini Gallardo which is among the best police cars, in an admirable hope of it being the waving flag of their famous ‘Arrive Alive campaign’. Don’t get me wrong, South Africa has a range of top class cars in the police force such as world renowned names in the motor vehicle industry such as: Audi, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen etc. This is probably the best thing they could have done in terms of vehicle upgrades purely because of the up class areas such as Johannesburg etc. which is home to South African Millionaires where driving a Lamborghini would be something of a spoilt choice in somebodies garage. What makes this a jewel is that it is the only One that’s been loaned to South Africa, where as Italy is flooded with its creations.

6. Australian National Police Vehicles


The Police Force of Australia has not only made a name for themselves In terms of their training and other great things that makes their Law Enforcement up to high standards as the police mates of Australia also have something to offer in terms of their choice in police cars which definitely would have landed them on the list of 10 best police cars in the world simply due to their range over the scale of exclusivity.

With a more unique blend to the rest their class of police vehicles have been chosen by spec ,model and durability as well as the type of power that the Aussies tend to want to push out from their ‘happy chap’ spirits. Everything extraordinary ought to have an ‘Alpha’ and in this case a charming Alpha Romeo Police car to turn eyes too. This isn’t however just your average Romeo though as this particular one is a GT spec which simply spells ‘Gran Turismo’ which in itself should immediately come across as a speed demon with the comfort of a long drive. Other than the Charming Romeo Alpha in this case, the Aussie Police also garages a Volvo S60 Polestar that’s standardly re-enforced with carbon fiber. Each of these cars have one thing in common though; Both of these work of arts where manufactured by the excellent craftsmanship of the Italians as the names of these vehicles also announce their backgrounds and strong standing reputation in the motor industry.

One more police car that the Australians have added to their collection is the HSV GTS. This too is regarded by some as one of the best police cars. The name wouldn’t strike too familiar to many which is why we are to outline it distinctively. A beautiful car that’s almost a replica of the Mitsubishi Lancer in terms of its body design but with the power of an ‘Italian Stallion’ The car has been dubbed as one of the fastest that Australia has ever produced and is now in prized possession of the Australian Police. Simply a great achievement as it’s built in the country that they Australians use it to protect. By this were talking about a 6.2 liter 8 supercharged vehicle with more power than the average Rookie Aussie police officer would be able to handle.

5. United Kingdom Police Vehicles

There aren’t many countries that are in royal favor of having a Queen to represent them as London is proud to be the host country of their very own Mother of honor. On the streets of London you can be sure to find a crime ring of gangs with their flashy luxury vehicles and other valuable sources which is exactly why the United Kingdom Police has stepped up their game in police vehicles and by this we can see a vast range of them too. Some of the best police cars in the world are grounded on the lands of the UK.

Let’s take a closer look on some of what UK police are sporting in their collection. Firstly their McLaren 12C which is referred to as a ‘super car’ really tops the gun around being a part of UK’s Police Force which to them would be leader of the pack and in actual fact, there is a pack of these super-cars that have been introduced to the force. Some of the rest that are on the list will include : A Caparo TI which is quiet a rare car yet still falls under the same category as the McLaren that has abit of a Scottish pride to it. An exclusive car like this in United Kingdom force can still be admired by criminals or speed racers because of its beauty. Other more common vehicles that are in the abundance of United Kingdom police would be the Jaguar XF and Lexus Extige. When we think of this car, the word that automatically comes to one’s mind would be “Prestige” – That represents respect and admiration. Having this amount of top class in vehicles making it one of the best police cars in the world, adds a lot of flexibility in any police force for that matter.

4. Germany Police Force Vehicles


Everybody around the world has seen or been lucky to have driven in the century success of BMW and automatically have felt the bliss of owning or riding in a German Spec vehicle. Germans are also widely known to the world as the more serious, prim and proper as well as attention to detail perfectionists in everything they say and do and we have seen the blatant examples of this in their mastery craftsmanship in their masterpiece world renowned vehicles. “German Spec” has been made infamous as a reputation that instantly links to Brilliance in the motor industry.

German Police force on the other hand as an excellent standing history of being one of the most highly trained police forces in the world and by this, not for no apparent reason but also due to their taste in police vehicles. Germany has acquired a Brabus CLS Rocket to their police car possession which is a rally type vehicle that can push maximum power from its V12 engine , even though in the appearance of the average Million Dollar luxury family ride which is actually rated as one of the most expensive cars in the world and is also one of the best police cars. In this case, an excellent choice for police use, simply giving German police the ultimate edge and advantage in having a police vehicle that’s rigged with state of the art and sophisticated technology that comes standard and also by having special law enforcement additions to it.

If you think you’re a rich kid that rides in a Porsche 911 Carrera, well, sorry but glad to say that German police also has one of their very own with the only difference of it being fine-tuned to perform slightly better in order to be ahead of being owned and distributed Porsche 911’s out there.

3. United States National Police Force Vehicles


“YES WE CAN!” – If the President Barack Obama , then that statement is made famous and more especially speaks for itself in many ways unimaginable. This simply means that there is a driving force of Americans that stands in unity as “United” in the United States of America suggests and also that anything is possible.

On the basis of Americans historical aspects as well as present day occurrences, they are known for putting in place the most finest and intelligent in counteractions in all aspects to leverage almost every type of system out there. Apart from it hosting some of the world’s most elite and highly trained police forces in the world, you bet they also have some of the world’s best police cars of the world too. It’s absolutely no surprise that they have invested in some upgrades to their police vehicle system instead of the common old police cruisers and ‘county blues’ as they are dubbed on the streets by thugs and gangsters who obviously oppose to authority figures which is why this time round the Police of the United States decided to add some ‘swag’ to their rides to pull up next to thugs and low-riders of the Bronx with a little bit of style which also gains and demands their respect too. The least they would be respected for is their rides if not the fact that they are law enforcers who have made careers out of catching them.

So USA has stocked up big time this time with their Undercover Nissan GTR which can be referred to as the “American Ghost” and is often ranked among the best police cars, since it rides in style and appears friendly as the great Casper does until it pulls up to make an arrest. After all, criminals on the US streets are so used to seeing the Usual Ford Crown Victoria, so who would have expected that a Nissan GTR would belong to the US force?

Next up is their Dodge charger, Dodge Viper and Ford Mustang which is rather anticipated since the US police have used Fords and Dodge’s for a considerable amount of time because of their ability to withstand a considerable amount of damage on impact, after all, Dodge and Fords are hard bodies which is perfect for when police cars need to ram against a felon’s car in an enraged police chase. The American Police Force also has one of the world’s best police cars, being the often underestimated and overlooked Chev Corvette as well as the Hummer H2 which is used in the more hectic land operations. Basically the Hummer in this sense is the ‘Big Dog’ they bring out, when dealing with criminal drivers who aren’t pulling off average road crimes.

2. Dubai Police Force Vehicles

An average Joe would have probably questioned one-self about the common Norm-ally underestimated and rather disregarded country and police of Dubai, let alone find themselves wondering what type of cars would they drive. I’m pretty sure that the Indian Taxi commonly known as the ‘Tuk-Tuk’ or the Police Jeep or Mahindra Scorpio would come to mind, after all this is all we see In Bollywood movies so it’s the impression that’s given out to everybody.

Some of you may even be wondering why is Dubai, an “Indian country” even on this list firstly which is why we have saved the best for second last on this list in the effort to illuminate a glossy light on Dubai in the aspect of their police cars. It will blow your mind when it’s made known to you of cars that not even the American police have considered having in their force, and although they can afford it, this gives Dubai’s police force a great accreditation and makes them remarkable for their exquisite taste in the world’s most finest and fastest brands as well as the most expensive cars in the world. They have one of the best police cars in the world too.

BMW I8 is probably the latest in the German Spec series and yes, Dubai police has it as well as other futuristic luxury cars that are somewhat the highest of prices in the motor industry. The common trend that Dubai Police have been keeping up to is particularly their love for super cars.

As we take you down the list of what is to be the biggest names in the motor vehicle industry in terms of their reputability and ridiculously expensive prices of each vehicle, you will be shocked to your wits as all of these super cars on the list in sequential order, in the real world actually belong to the world’s richest individuals and now even making a home in the Dubai Police Force and they are as follows:, Lamborghini aventador, Bentley, James Bond 007 famous Aston Martin, Ferrari FF, McLaren, Brabus AMG CG63 which is the combination of having the convenience of a luxurious vehicle for a smooth yet powerful ride and a 4 X 4 for off-roading when criminals drive on the wrong side of the tracks.

If you were stunned by this collection in addition to Dubai’s Police Force then wait till you hear about the best and most exotic vehicle on their list which has recently been purchased, The Bugatti Veyron which is counted by many as one of the best police cars in our planet! Catch your breathe again and then take it in that Bugatti is the second fastest car in the world to the Koenigsegg Agera R and Dubai has it as one of their toys on the police force. The very same car which stood a chance at racing a Euro Fighter Jet and come to think of it ,besides the Koenigsegg Agera ,it’s the only other car that would be considered as a fighter jet’s opponent.

1. Somerset Police Force – Ariel Atom Formula 1 Car


The world’s fastest police car they say… and no doubt it probably is and is also one of the best police cars! The word Atom alone should tell you immediately that this specific police car isn’t one that you can take for granted. In its distinctive Formula 1 racing style appearance, designed with the police logo and other bright and attractive graphics of the Somerset Police that’s spread across the car, is one that even a blind person wouldn’t miss. If not by sight then definitely by the sound of it drilling the air past you. In general we see of the usual police cars that are on the streets which is why the Somerset police and their purchase of what can be considered as one of the fastest and best police cars of the world makes it absolutely and exclusively unique. It’s not uncommon knowledge that most people around the world have most probably not even heard of this Glorious rare Atom car.

It isn’t just an Atom, but the newest 3.5R Model to top it off which can reach a staggering 60 Miles Per Hour in just an unbelievable 2.5 Seconds which is freaking amazing and absolutely scary at the same time ,since the amount of damage this thing could cause if not stopped in time could be equivalent to that of a bomb explosion and no wonder they call it an Atom, definitely lives up to its name which says it all. “Dynamites come in small packages” they say and so does the Atom which is small in size, airplane shaped with wings too literally ‘fly’ across a long stretch. A simple explanation other than the fact that this is the best and fasted police car in the world is due to its extremely light weight of just a mere 612 KG which is almost the equivalent of the weight of a standard superbike. Beauty In this would lie in how intelligent its manufacturers are to have added four wheels to increase stability of the vehicle while still allowing the driver to reach a speed of that air cutting magnitude in just a matter of 2.5 seconds which is quiet a world record breaker I would say.

There is definitely a genius in the development of Atom and more especially one of the greatest decisions that the Somerset police could have made, infect the best decision seeing that it’s what actually put their low profiled name on the map of having in the grasp of their hands, in a literal sense one of the best police cars in the world and more especially for its untouchable ability to top the speed blind folded of almost every common police car known and driven by man. Somerset Polices’ Atom has proven to be one off, if not the ONLY one of its kind which is particularly why it ranks number 1 on the list of the best police cars of the world.


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